A Coffee Table Redefining Sophistication


Jul 12, 2024

Introducing MERIAN, a coffee table that epitomizes style and sophistication. Crafted from silkscreen-printed glass with meticulous finishing touches, MERIAN transforms any space into an aesthetic masterpiece.

MERIAN draws inspiration from the works of Maria Sibylla Merian, a celebrated seventeenth-century naturalist, explorer, and artist. Merian's detailed watercolor illustrations revealed the intricate beauty of insects and their life cycles. Her discovery of butterfly metamorphosis not only advanced science but also provided artistic inspiration. The MERIAN table honors this legacy, capturing the nuanced beauty of watercolor art and the wonders of nature.


MERIAN's unique colorway offers versatile and beautiful options to enhance any décor. Choose from a palette of shades and full colors, each with a durable, practical finish. Perfect for living rooms, lounges, or offices, MERIAN is an ideal centerpiece, inviting admiration and conversation. Experience the blend of innovation, elegance, and artistic charm with MERIAN. Redefine sophistication in your space with this beautiful, versatile piece.