fabric treatments
The NaturSphere System® has finally made available the most advanced results in nanotechnology to the textile industry. The special treatment incorporates highly repellent inert nanospheres directly into the fibres, thus protecting the fabric from dust, repelling the toughest stains and keeping the fabric new and beautiful at touch over time. Removing stains is safe and easy: quickly wash off the spill with some water or wipe the fabric with a damp cloth using rapid and gentle strokes.
Silver-ion based treatment for fabrics featuring antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Works as a protective shield, sanitizing the treated fabrics, eliminating bad odours and preventing allergies. The special application method guarantees the long lasting effectiveness of the Silver Protection treatment.
Teflon™ fabric protector provides water and stain repellency to fabrics. Teflon™ treatment forms a protective shield. Teflon™ is undetectable by sight, smell and touch. Fabric breathability is unaffected. Fabric featuring Teflon™ resists washing and dry cleaning. Blot off water and oily stains immediately.
Teflon™ fabric protector – Stain resistant fabric Teflon™ is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC LLC, used under license by Calligaris S.p.a.
Surface treatment, which delays the absorption of water based stains.
please note
Each fabric batch can show colour differences compared with fabric samples and products manufactured at different times. As for the removable covers cleaning we recommend to follow the care instructions. We advise dry cleaning for the washable fabrics.

Any natural sign, characteristic and colour difference in leathers compared with samples is not to be considered as a defect but as a unique feature of real leather, therefore making it an authentic product.

As all computer screens differ in colour, contrast and brightness, we cannot guarantee that the colour shown on your computer screen will exactly match the colour of the actual fabric. Please visit us to see a complete selection of material and colour samples.

Possible changes or technical improvements in either materials or design may be made without the necessity of prior notice.

fabric fibres
AC Acetate • AF Other Fibres • EL Elastam • CO Cotton • JU Juta • LA Latex • LI Linen • NY Nylon • PA Polyamide • PC Acrylic • PL Polyester • PP Polypropylene • PU Polyurethane • SE Silk • VI Viscose • WO Wool • WV Virgin Wool
care symbols
“Wash with water. Maximum temperature indicated in the drawing
“Do not wash with water
“Do not dryclean
“Maximum ironing temperature 110° C
“Maximum ironing temperature 150° C
“Iron inside out. Maximum temperature 110° C
“Do not iron
“Tumble dry at low temperature
“Do not tumble dry
“Do not bleach
“Hand wash
Category 1
100% PL - gr/m2 350
1S0V Orange
1SA2 Ecru
1SA3 Sand
1SA4 Clay Brown
1SA6 Taupe
1SA7 Green
1SA8 Blue
1SB0 Cerulean
1SB1 Grey
1SB2 Smoke Grey
Category 1
100% PL - gr/m2 330
S8D Sand
S8E Ecru
S8F Light Grey
S8G Dark Grey
S8H Anthracite Grey
S8J Mustard Yellow
S8K Brown
S8L Light Pink
S8M Dark Pink
S8N Ice Blue
Category 1
100% PL - gr/m2 430
S0F Sand
S0G Soil Brown
S0H Forest Green
S0J Ocean Blue
S0K Brick Red
S0L Ash Grey
S0U Pink
S0Y Black
S0Z Hemp
SVY Beige
SVZ Green
SWA Light Grey
SWB Mustard Yellow
SWC Pale Pink
SWD Amber
SWE Blue
Category 2
70% PL - 30% VI - gr/m2 393
S5V White
S5W Ecru
S5X Brown
S5Y Grey
S5Z Smoke Grey
S6A Midnight Blue
S6B Burgundy
S6C Green
Category 2
89% PL - 6% WO - 5% VI - gr/m2 378
SWF Sand
SWG Light Grey
SWH Dark Grey
SWJ Taupe
SWK Black
SWL Blue
SWM Green
SWN Mustard Yellow
SWP Brick Red
Category 2
100% PL - gr/m2 410
S9F White
S9G Sand
S9H Grey
S9J Black
S9K Ice Blue
S9L Forest Green
S9M Mustard Yellow
S9N Brick Red
Category 3
50% PU - 50% PL - gr/m2 800
S7J Sand
S7K Light Grey
S7L Brown
S7M Anthracite Grey
S7N Brick Red
S7P Burgundy
S7Q Midnight Blue
S7R Forest Green
Category 3
79% PL - 16%CO - 5%PC - gr/m2 442
SQ1 Anthracite Grey
SQ2 Coffee
SQ3 Cord
SQ4 Taupe
SQ5 Sand
SQ6 Aquamarine
SQ7 Red
SQ8 Mustard Yellow
Category 3LX
54% PC - 46% PL - gr/m2 440
S8P Ecru
S8Q Sand
S8R Brown
S8S Grey Melange
S8T Blue Melange
S8U Green Melange
S8V Red Melange
Category 3LX
75% CO - 25% PL - gr/m2 513 (made from 75% colored regenerated fibers from knitwear scraps)
SQZ Beige
SRA Light Grey
SRB Brown
SRC Anthracite
SRD Green
SRE Yellow
SRF Orange
Category 4LX
37% PL - 21% PC - 19% VI - 14% CO - 8% LI - 1% PA - gr/m2 522
SLV Hemp
SLW Anthracite
SLX Taupe
SSQ Brick Red
Category 4LX
92% PL - 5% CO - 3% LA - gr/m2 500
S5E Petrol Blue
S5F Light Pink
S5G Terracotta
S5H Thyme Green
SS9 Ecru
ST0 Brown
ST1 Pink
ST2 Red
ST3 Green
ST4 Blue
ST5 Grey
ST6 White
ST7 Yellow
Category 4LX
47% PC - 22% PL - 11% VI - 20% CO - gr/m2 714
SQM Cream
SQN Beige
SQP Brown
SQQ Light Grey
SQR Taupe
SQS Anthracite
SQT Burgundy
SQU Blue
Category 5LX
30% VI - 16% WO - 13% LI - 12% CO - 10% PA 9% PL - 6% SE - 4% PC - gr/m2 447
SVF Midnight Blue
SVG Soil Brown
SVH Dark Grey
SVJ Light Grey
SVK Beige
SVL Sand
SVM Anthracite
SVN Mineral Blue
Category 5LX
45% PL Recycled - 55% PU - gr/m2 480 • Clima is a cruelty free, natural, and eco-friendly product that is often used for shoes, bags, belts, automotives and furnishings. The vegan leather is made from plant fibers which are processed to have a resistance,
SYD Hemp
SYE Beige
SYF Cognac
SYG Antelope Brown
SYH Grey
SYJ Black
SYK Dark Brown
SYL Dark Green
SYM Burgundy
Category 5LX
40% VI - 35%CO - 25% PC- gr/m2 600
ST8 Ecru
ST9 White
SU0 Brown
SU1 Yellow
SU2 Grey
SU3 Green
SU4 Blue
SU5 Pink
Category 5LX
41% PC - 38% PL - 21% CO - gr/m2 544
Dark Grey
SUZ Taupe
SVA Anthracite
SVB White
SVC Sand
SVD Light Grey
SVE Cosmos Blue
Category 5LX
87% PL - 13% LI - gr/m2 436
S5J White
S5K Ecru
S5L Brown
S5M Anthracite Grey
S5N Blue
S5P Aquamarine
S5Q Burgundy
S5R Pink
S5S Yellow
S5T Green
S5U Forest Green
Category 4LX (only available on decorative pillows)
45% PL - 35% PC - 20% WO - gr/m2 436
S7G Light Grey
S7H Anthracite Grey
Category 4LX (only available on decorative pillows)
100% PL - gr/m2 385
S7E Pink
Category 5LX (only available on decorative pillows)
43% CO - 31%VI - 26% LI - gr/m2 628
SR6 Ecru
SR7 Grey
SR8 Blue
SR9 Pink
Category 5LX (only available on decorative pillows)
56% CO - 44% VI -gr/m2 605
SR0 Ecru
SR1 Pink
SR2 Red
SR3 Green
SR4 Blue
SR5 Grey
Category 5LX (only available on decorative pillows)
36% CO - 32% PL - 26% PC - 6% VI gr/m2 643
SQV Beige
SQW Anthracite
SQX Blue
SQY Burgundy
Sofa Collection / Lounge Chairs / Ottomans
Cut from the finest part of the European Ox skin (the core). The external finish is obtained by using water based colors. Thickness 1 mm.
470 Coffee
683 Black
705 Optic White
D04 Taupe
L01 Antelope Brown
L08 Cream
L16 Grey
Sofa Collection / Lounge Chairs / Ottomans
Top-quality full-grain aniline leather, which is barrel-dyed and finished, and frame-dried. Subject to variations in colour and wear and tear over time, and these features add to the aesthetic appeal of the sofa. Thickness 0.9 - 1.1 mm
S8A Brown
S8B Cognac
S8C Anthracite Grey
emotion standard
Sofa Collection / Lounge Chairs / Ottomans
Natural half-grain cowhide. Through dyed; finishing with resins and pigments. Soft, waxy feel and semi-matt appearance. Thickness of 1.2 - 1.4 mm.
L1A Zinc
L1L Buckskin
L1U Hazelnut
L2V Siam
L3A Aubergine
L3E Jasper
L3Q Ebony
L4F Bottle
L4J Pacific
L4L Indigo
L5G Graystone
L5H Gray Shadow
emotion extended
Sofa Collection / Lounge Chairs / Ottomans
Natural half-grain cowhide. Through dyed; finishing with resins and pigments. Soft, waxy feel and semi-matt appearance. Thickness of 1.2 - 1.4 mm.
L1B Penicillin
L1C Papyrus
L1D Soul White
L1E Porcelain
L1F Ivory
L1G Sand
L1H Desertstorm
L1J Caffellatte
L1K Mouton
L1M Clay
L1N Avana
L1P Tan
L1Q Lion
L1R Cinnemon
L1S Swamp
L1T Cotto
L1V Ecureil
L1W Braun
L1X Dash
L1Y Marble
L1Z Pill
L2A Coriander
L2B Facepowder
L2C Fond-De-Tein
L2D Energy
L2E Light
L2F Ciquita
L2G Pergamena
L2H Lemon Grass
L2J Carioca
L2K Peach
L2L Sunset
L2M Claw
L2N Redorange
L2P Begonia
L2Q Pot-Purry
L2R Henna
L2S Blood
L2T Antique
L2U Parrot
L2W Phonebox
L2X Bombay
L2Y Wine
L2Z Ribes
L3B Dune
L3C Pottery
L3D Volcano
L3F Horse
L3G Crocus
L3H Carrubo
L3J Antilop
L3K Acajou
L3L Peatmoos
L3M Chestnut
L3N Ciocco
L3P Root
L3R S. Breeze
L3S Lime
L3T Moud
L3U Terragon
L3V Aloe
L3W Camouflage
L3X Birch
L3Y Aqua Azul
L3Z Maldive
L4A Oxide
L4B Lichene
L4C Ottanio
L4D Blu Petrol
L4E Cedar Green
L4G Polinesia
L4H Turquoise
L4K Oceania
L4M Deep
L4N Plaster
L4P Crushed Ice
L4Q Morning Fog
L4R North Pole
L4S Santorini
L4T Steel Bird
L4U Matisse
L4V Pearl
L4W Lamb
L4X Cinder
L4Y Ciment
L4Z Wisteria
L5A Milka
L5B Lavander
L5C Turtledove
L5D Smoke
L5E Iron
L5F Grey
L5J Black Ink